Ship Repair

Unithai Shipyard provides ship repair conversion and ship building services to ship owners worldwide. We work closely in partnership with owners to determine their needs and to satisfy their requirements delivering on time at competitive cost. The success story of Unithai began with the docking of the first vessels in September 1993. The yard grew and expanded over the years in capacity and capabilities to provide customers worldwide a complete range of repair services for commercial and military vessels up to Aframax tanker and Panamax clas. Unithai also enters into joint ventures with strategic partners providing expertise in internal tank blasting and coating, corrosion control, steel fabrication piping and insulation. Other partners in the local industry provide a wide range of supporting services including hard chroming, remetailing, metalocking, galvanizing, fiberglass work, in-situ machining, specialist services on navigation instruments boiler repairs, ultrasonic cleaning, turbocharger balancing, foundry and heat treatments, air conditioning work, rubber lining and insulation works among other services.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Grit blasting and coating of hulls, cargo holds, and tanks
  • Major steel repair and renewals
  • Mechanical repairs and overhauls
  • Tail shaft, propeller and rudder repairs
  • Engine room, deck, cargo hold and tank pipe works
  • Cargo gear repairs, testing
  • Electrical motors and generator repairs, rewinding and over hauling
  • Pneumatic, hydraulics and electronics equipment repairs
  • Pipe insulations and claddings for LPG carriers
  • Afloat repairs
  • Main engine components reconditioning