CNC Beam Build up Welding Machine

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CNC Beam Build up Welding Machine

Work Capability

  • Build up H Beam, Wide Flange, Girder and Factory beam structure up to 3 mtrwide.
  • Steel Bride and Highway Deck
  • Box Beam, Overhead Crane
  • Onshore and Offshore structural module Structure
  • Building, Hall.
  • The machine is programmable and has 4 heads for welding.
  • Beam Build up service
  • Bridge girder

Machine Capacity (CORIMPEX)

  • Web height 300mm to 3000mm, thickness 5mm to 30mm
  • Flange Width 200mm to 1250mm, thickness 6mm to 50mm
  • Length 6000mm to 12000mm
Box Beam and Crane section Box:
  • 300x300mm to 600x600mm
Welding Process:
  • SAW Tandem Process(AC/DC Process welding with four head)
  • Centering of web to flange and Flange Post-deforming and straightening device full automation
  • Flux heating system integrated on the main machine