4-Roll Plate Roller Machine

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4-Roll Plate Roller Machine


  • Four plate rollers for more precise and efficient operation compared to other roller machines.
  • Fully automated machine that is less dependent on operator competence.
  • The Machine is capable bending plates up to Max. 150 mm. thick.
  • During plate bending the plate is held securely in place between the top and bottom roller. While the side roller move vertically to create the bend. This allows for more accurate machining.
  • Rolling Machine in Thailand
  • Rolling thick plate
  • Tank fabrication

Machine Specification

Number of rolls
  • 4
Rolls Length
  • 4250mm
Rolls diameter
  • Top roll 1100 mm
  • Bottom roll 1000mm
  • Side rolls 830mm
Smallest Possible Diameter
  • 1210mm
Drive system
  • 2 independent hydro-motors