Energy Conservation Policy

Saving energy for a better future

All countries are currently facing very high oil prices, even as demand continues to increase. This dire situation has prompted many organisations, both private and public, to recognise the importance of conserving fuel and electricity and to consider alternative energy sources to avoid energy shortages in the future.

Ways of saving energy must be the concern of management and all staff members, because conserving energy also saves money and contributes to the country’s conservation efforts to reduce environmental problems, including the effects of global warming.

To this end, the company has set out the following policy:

a. Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility and must be part of everyone’s routine – management, all staff and all subcontractors.

b. Management, all supervisors and subcontractors will advise their subordinates on procedures and ensure that rules are followed.

c. Our Energy Conservation Project Committee will evaluate efforts, follow up on any changes needed and report to the management.