Unithai Shipyard & Engineering and CUEL organized the new career development project for the communities 2019 at Matichon Vocational Training Center

Unithai Shipyard & Engineering Ltd. and CUEL Co., Ltd. organized a new career development project for the community 2019. The training by collaboration from community representatives from 11 communities around the company to practice new careers at the Matichon vocational training center. The workshop course has been practicing in cooking of Thai food “Kuicheai” taught by Ms. Att Khansi, the master who owns the recipe. The project was intended to promote and enhance careers skills for community members who have no regular income and intend to be able to support their family. In the event, the program has been interested from the trainee members and they have taken Q&A, shared and learn with each other and have fun in the workshop. This project of career development is implementing by Unithai Shipyard & Engineering Ltd. with CUEL Co., Ltd. and communities have continued for the second year. There are 33 participants from communities to join in this batch. We target that they can earn money and can be self-reliance and sustainability in the future.