Unithai finds more ways to help kids – and the country

Unithai has since 2011 made a conscientious effort to “give back to the community” by helping youth through vocational training and the promotion of safety at home and at school.
Success in this endeavour will benefit not just the local community but also our society and our country as a whole.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, the company responds to a clear need to give young people an opportunity to pursue higher education through vocational studies, by which they can learn skills that are in demand in various industries.

In doing so we are also contributing to the national agenda, part of which involves fostering vocational education and enhancing the capabilities and qualities of youth, who after all represent the future of the country as the key to domestic economic development and international competitiveness.

For four decades Unithai has put its best efforts into developing its business while maintaining a balance between corporate growth and respect for our community and stakeholders. The result is a sustainable business model that is reflected in our mission statement – “To serve human well-being and create wealth at the same time.”

In recent years Unithai has placed more emphasis on aiding in the sustainable development of the community, first by consulting neighbouring citizens about their needs and then preparing plans in response to those needs.

The vocational training we provide is a prime example. Initiated by the citizens of Laem Chabang, the project’s aim is to give local youngsters better learning opportunities. In this regard Unithai collaborates with Wat Laemchabang School to build on its students’ basic knowledge and skills in mechanical and electrical maintenance and welding, with safe practice always foremost in mind. This programme has continued since 2011, with Unithai employees volunteering their time to share their expertise in regular training classes at the school.

The safety of young people is also the goal behind Unithai’s “A School Safety” programme. The students are taught how to identify potential risks in their daily lives and make safety a habit. At the same time the programme develops leadership skills and encourages them to assume responsibility in aiding and caring for others.

Unithai’s latest undertaking in this area is in supporting STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – with the goal of improving youngsters’ ability to think and analyse in order to resolve, in a practical way, problems that crop up every day.

Unithai has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) to assist in its activities. The company is encouraging staff members to volunteer as “STEM ambassadors” and help inspire young people about careers in these fields and to encourage them to become more creative and innovative.

Again, success in this endeavour will benefit not just the local community but also our society and our country as a whole.