Unithai and B.Grimm Group joining hands in community activities

Unithai is collaborating with B.Grimm Group in community activities, beginning with a “Save Lives – Give Blood”, blood collection for the Thai Red Cross Society on March 9. The event, at which both employees and members of the general public donated blood, was dedicated as a tribute to His Majesty the King on his seventh-cycle birthday.

Unithai and B.Grimm Group will organise additional blood collections every three months.

President of B.Grimm Real Estate, Caroline Link and Unithai Group Managing Director Arthit Pratoomsuvarn shook hands to celebrate the launch of the inaugural community event, alongside senior managers from both firms.

B.Grimm Group is a multi business corporation active in the fields of energy, cooling, healthcare, lifestyle, transport and real estate. The group was established in 1878, which makes B.Grimm Group one of the oldest corporate citizens in Thailand.