CUEL’s “MOVE IT” Team Clinches Bronze at Thailand Kaizen Award 2023

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We’re thrilled to announce a momentous accomplishment by CUEL at this year’s Thailand Kaizen Award 2023. Our exceptional team, “MOVE IT,” has showcased unparalleled dedication and commitment, from the initial stages of preparation through the submission phase. Mr. Viboon Kanque, General Manager – Operations, CUEL Limited representing CUEL’s management, took the stage with honor. He delivered an impactful speech on the significance and implementation of the Improvement and Kaizen Programs within CUEL. This inspiring talk preceded the final presentation by the “MOVE IT” team members: Dr. Piya Poonsawat, Mr. Thanaphat Sathaworn, and Ms. Juntra Laohakunakorn. The event was further fortified by the presence and support of the team, including Mr. Guntapon Yessena, Mr. Dechwit Lhansettha, and Ms. Nattha Pairsuwan. As a result, on August 11th, 2023, led by CUEL’s management representative, Mr. Viboon Kanque, General Manager – Operations, CUEL Limited filled with pride to receive the illustrious Bronze Trophy, symbolizing their exceptional achievement. This achievement is a testament to CUEL’s commitment to innovation and excellence. It reflects the dedication of our teams in creating impactful improvements that resonate within our industry and beyond. Congratulations to the “MOVE IT” team and everyone who played a role in this remarkable success. Your hard work and ingenuity continue to drive us toward greater heights.
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