As vessel' s representative:

  • Be a focal point of contact between vessel owners/operators and cargo interests
  • Arrange with Myanmar’s Shipping Agency Department (S.A.D) for vessel formalities of foreign-flagged vessel
  • Coordinate with local parties concerned for quick despatch of the vessel
  • Assist master and crew whilst vessel in port
  • Assist to minimize the expenses incurred

As Freight Forwarding Agent:

  • Investigate and plan the most appropriate transport mode/route for a shipment
  • Deliver and/or find a warehouse for goods upon arrival at the final destination – ICD2 Yangon
  • Negotiate transport contracts and relevant handling costs
  • Obtain, check and prepare documentation to meet customs and insurance requirements, packing specifications and compliance with overseas countries’ regulations
  • Offer consolidated services by air, sea and land transport, ensuring cost-effectiveness
  • Liaise with third parties to move goods by road, rail, air or sea in accordance with customers’ requirement
  • Arrange transport for delicate cargoes, such as livestock, food and medical supplies
  • Provide customs clearance service

Customer Benefits:

  • Fast, Convenience and Cost Saving
  • Handling with care and professionalism by experienced staff
  • 24 hrs 7 days accessibility
  • Connectivity to all Myanmar authorities concerned
  • Always on good terms with peers in the industries, domestic as well as overseas