Giving young people the skills they’ll need in the 21st century

Giving young people the skills they’ll need in the 21st century

The future growth and stability of the country’s economic development depends on the ability of the young generation, as recognised in the government’s “Thailand 4.0” national agenda for the 21st century. In the face of a competitive global market driven by technology and innovation, skills development becomes crucial in meeting the coming challenges.

Meanwhile, countries around the world have placed high emphasis on preparing the next generation for the workforce. They are introducing fresh approaches to teaching in order to nurture the needed skills in creative and critical thinking, in communication, and in the ability to collaborate in a spirit of mutual goodwill. These are the essential life skills for the century ahead, by which our children will grow and thrive in a complex social environment. In contributing to the development of 21st century skills, by bringing STEM education concept – integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics into teaching and learning approaches would help to enhance young people’s ability to apply their newfound knowledge in real life. And, they will be able to depend on these life skills to survive and move the country forward.

Unithai has continued promoting and driving STEM concept through its outreach programmes in the community, by collaborating with The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) and the schools leaders to establish the plan for continued development of teachers’ and children’s abilities. It has helped initiate STEM education at the 20 schools the group supports, through workshops for the teachers and a drawing contest for students with the theme “21st Century Children”. This latter activity – specifically aimed at nurturing the youngsters’ creative and thinking skills – has so far helped more than 100 children sharpen the kinds of abilities they will increasingly need as the century progresses.

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